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The starter kit includes a complete starter kit, so you have everything for your work with a reflector / diffuser at hand.
Sun-Swatter PRO - Super Starter Austerity

Sun-Swatter PRO - Super Starter...

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Sun-Swatter PRO - Super Starter Austerity

Sun-Swatter PRO - Super Starter Austerity
currently not available
The starter kit includes a complete starter kit, so you have everything for your work with a reflector / diffuser at hand.

The Grip-Head is here the connection between the diffuser frame and the carrying pole or alternatively a tripod.
Due to the special design of the SUN-swatters is our staple that is precisely tailored to our frame diameters required for this connection. With the Tuning Clips You can bring more materials to your diffuser, for example, if you want to create a full shadow of the camera, then you hereby clipping simply a piece of black Molton to the frame. In the padded Carrying Bag fits then later still a second Sunbounce frame or a lamp stand.

This is a patented collapsible frame. It is super light and extremely stable. This special, handmade from anodized aluminum, can be so far put together in seconds to fit into a bag of about 6 to 8 cm in diameter. The maximum length for all SUN SWATTER add to 135 cm is limited. Thanks to the integrated into the frame crossbar and clamp there are many different ways for comfortably by hand or by attaching it to a tripod.
The stable aluminum construction of this unique diffuser resembles an open "U" and has only one crossbar.

The stringing -2/3 Translucent:
This diffuser softens and reduces your light by approx -2/3 stop (value measured directly behind the diffuser screen). The light / shadow contrast is optimally balanced, for example outlier Highlights You can now control, even at steep the sun and the highest contrasts. You get an even base light, can in portraits as already exposed to the shadows and achieve great image results. Or take a SUNBOUNCE reflector to create light accents, however desired it. In any case, you now have the lighting situation under control.

For example, for people-pictures, but just for product shots, always if you only soften or reduce want your light source or must. To be used ideally outdoor daylight and if you want to work very flexibly and quickly to move without tripods and make correspond your light in all imaginable situations your desires want. Even in the studio with headlights or lightning, this diffuser your Lightbox replace (the material is so dense that it no hot spots occur). Also to use for mirroring or for a slight improvement.

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Sun-Swatter PRO - Super Starter Austerity
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