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Battery removal


Acceptance of used batteries and rechargeable batteries
Our take-back obligation as a retailer:
As a retailer, we are obligated by law to take back batteries and rechargeable batteries without charge. Please accept this offer, and thereby help to keep our environment clean.

Your take-back obligation as a consumer:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste. Since 1998, the Battery Directive has obligated all citizens to dispose of used batteries and rechargeable batteries solely via the business or the collection points specially set up for that purpose. If you wish to return your batteries and rechargeable batteries to us, please ensure that you provide sufficient postage.

Batteries are provided with the “Not in domestic waste” mark and a chemical symbol.
Cd (= battery contains cadmium)
Hg (= battery contains mercury)
Pb (= battery contains lead)

Old electronic devices do not belong in household waste.
Old electronic devices may not be disposed of via household waste. The regulation concerns all electronic and electrical devices, from electrical toothbrushes to home tanning beds, from the washing machine to the digital camera, regardless of age. This also includes lamps, fluorescent lighting and energy-saving lamps.

The devices are taken back without charge by cities and municipalities. These are accepted at collection points or a collection may even be offered. Existing collection systems (e.g. recycling centres, bulky waste collection) are normally used.

Acceptance of packaging
Packaging is the property of the customer. Consumers can send packaging which does not have the mark of a nationwide disposal system (such as the green sport of Duales System Deutschland AG) to the address given below. We then take care of the recycling or disposal of the packaging in accordance with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance.