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LEICA D-LUX (type 109) - Inspired by the life

995,00 €

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Leica D-Lux (Type 109) black version E

Leica D-Lux (Type 109) black version E
995,00 €
incl. 19 % VAT plus Shipping costs
LEICA D-LUX (type 109) - Inspired by the life
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Particularly brilliant - The enormously fast lens

Of all Leica compact cameras, the D-Lux is one of the brightest. Your lens is perfectly matched to the large sensor. With an impressive light sensitivity of up to ISO 25600 by particularly large individual pixels makes the most of available light - recordings in natural color and of the highest image quality. Perfect for available-light photography. And thanks to a versatile zoom lens (24 to 75 mm equiv KB.) In an almost infinite number of creative fields: portrait, landscape, architecture, macro or so typical of Leica reportage photography.

Beautifully simple: Design follows function

Even at first glance, the D-Lux presented as genuine Leica: classically elegant, timeless and with a great deal attention to a simple, intuitive operation. Switching between automatic and manual mode is therefore also particularly straightforward. Even less experienced can look forward to her about rapid results - which can be viewed directly on the high-resolution 3 "LCD monitor even in bright sunlight. Who picks it up, feel and see immediately how quality materials and workmanship.

High resolution of the integrated viewfinder

With the built-in electronic viewfinder the ideal segment of the selected motif is found quickly. Thanks to 2.8 megapixels, it offers a high-contrast, sharp image - even in bright surroundings. Clever: The viewfinder shows the same information about the shooting settings such as the monitor. For spectacle wearers the viewfinder without restrictions usable: diopter can be adjusted individually.

Moving memories in high-resolution 4K format

Sometimes filming are preferable photos. Even at these moments, the Leica D-Lux is optimally prepared with the ability to record video in high definition digital format 4K record. 4K means that the resolution is four times higher than Full HD videos. The recordings are easy to record and save it - but impress with a stunning image quality. This is so good that a moment from the video can be captured as a photo.

Three year warranty included

With the Leica "Three-year warranty," which goes beyond the usual warranty, the D-Lux gives you more security. If there is a warranty claim during the three years, our worldwide Service & Support team for a smooth and fastest possible resolution makes.

shortest shutter speed: 1/16.000 s
longest shutter speed: 60 s
highest focal length: 75 mm
effective pixel: 12.8 Mio. Pixel
maximum pixel: 16.8 Mio. Pixel
sensor format: APS-C
shutter priority: Blendenautomatik
scene modes: 26 Stück
display resolution: 921.000 Pixel
screen size inch: 3 Zoll
focal length digital: 10,9 - 34 mm (digital)
focal length digital 35: 24 - 75 mm (KB)
lowest focal length: 24 mm
closest focusing distance: 3 cm
format: 16:9 / 4:3 / 3:2 / 1:1 cm
width mm: 117.8 mm
height mm: 66.2 mm
depth mm: 55 mm
weight: 405 g
more data
Method of operation: AF/AE-Taste, Fn-Taste, Ein-/Ausschalter, Modus-Wahlrad, Vier-Wege-Pad, Menütaste, Zoomhebel, Multifunktions-Objektivring
Recording function: Gesichtserkennung, Blinzelerkennung, Panorama
recording program: Serienbilder, Kunstfilter, Motivprogramme, Kreativprogramme, Filmmodus
automatic mode: Programmautomatik, Blendenautomatik, Verschlusszeitautomatik
metering: Mehrfeldmessung, Mittenbetont, Spotmessung
Display properties: feststehend
Frame coverage viewfinder: 1
Fps full hd: 50 fps (1080p), 50 fps (1080i), 25 fps (1080p), 24 fps (1080p)
Photo file format: JPEG, RAW
Focus areas: 1 AF-Feld, 49 AF-Felder
face detection: Ja
connectivity: AV-out
Pict Bridge
Scene mode: Expressiv, Retro, Nostalgisch, High/Low Key, Sepia, S/W, Impressiv, großer dynamischer Bereich, Cross-Prozess, Spielzeugeffekt, Toy Pop, Bleach-Bypass, Miniatur, Weichzeichnung, Fantasie, Sternfilter, Selektivfarbe, Sonnenschein
raw file format: 4K Video
autom. timer
Mittenbetonte Messung
Smartphone App
Magnification viewfinder: 1,39x
connectors: A/V, USB, HDMI
Video file format: MP4, AVCHD
equipment: AF-Hilfslicht, Augensensor, Mikrofon, Lautsprecher, externer Blitz (im Lieferumfang), Bildstabilisator
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Leica D-Lux (Type 109) black version E
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