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Rollei surveillance camera mini black

Rollei surveillance camera mini black
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Great Rollei wireless surveillance camera mini with control app. Easy installation via Rollei cloud possible. Smartphone not included Liefreumfang!

The mini security camera by Rollei ensures safety indoors and outdoors. This applies both during the day and at night. Find out more about optimal application possibilities and technical highlights.

No chance for burglars and thieves
Do you have a queasy feeling when you leave your house for a long time? Then you should improve safety. The mini security camera by Rollei you at the entrance, install on the terrace or in a specific room and so possibly prevent a collapse. The small size of the camera enables discreet placement. The surveillance camera can also be used for the protection of industrial facilities. Typical examples are kiosks and other businesses with low sales area such as petrol stations, opticians and pharmacies.

Surveillance Camera - multifunctional

But the Rollei surveillance camera mini is not only to deter and control of property. The system can also be used for the supervision of babies and small children and pets. You visit and want your baby in another room can sleep in a different floor? By monitoring camera Mini you can be sure that everything is in order and devote relaxed your guests.

Do you have a dog and want to know what your dog does when you leave the house? When dog training can be worth a surveillance camera Gold. Position the IP Cam so that you can see the relevant areas in the house and watch the behavior of your dog when you leave the house. Sets the dog on your couch or in your bed? He nibbles at your shoes or chair legs? With the help of surveillance camera Mini you can see it live and correct directly through the microphone.

Flexible use of mini surveillance camera
Even from a distance when you're on vacation or on a business trip, for example, the detected information from the camera via a web server can be retrieved. Control software for the iPhone, iPad and Android appliances included. Speaker, microphone, light sensor, motion detection and night vision function enhance the detection of operations by the video recording.

Or imagine you are in a storm away from home. Also in this case detects the Mini Security Camera events in the vicinity of a building, which can lead to storm damage or have performed. The wireless installation allows for last minute changes the location of the camera.
sensor format: < 1,0 Zoll
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- Rollei Überwachungskamera Mini schwarz
- USB-Kabel,
- USB-Netzadapter
- Bedienungsanleitung
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Rollei surveillance camera mini black
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