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Flexible light control without filter change

B + W XS-Pro Digital Graufilter Vario MRC nano 62

B + W XS-Pro Digital Graufilter Vario MRC nano 62
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Flexible light control without filter change


Thanks to its variable density, the first B + W Vario ND filter can be adjusted to meet individual requirements Exactly. To this end, it comes with a continuous setting function with Which the photographer can deterministically mine the required density reduction between +1 and +5 f-stops. To prevent aberrations, the light reduction can not be set beyond a critical level. The XS-Pro Digital MRC nano ND Vario ran thus Guarantees professional image results, even with high filter factors.

The Vario ND filter kann angepasst to a widerange of subject situations and photographic requirements. Sometimes large Aperture's are needed in bright ambient light in order to separate a model optically from the background. Using Several minutes of exposure time, architectural photographers can make people passing through the workspace "invisible". In landscape photography, flowing water or the surface of the sea can be made to appear fluffy and soft like cotton candy.

  • B + W Premium Line: XS-PRO Digital
  • B + W coating: MRC nano
diameter: 62 mm
more data
filter thread: 62 mm
waterproofing: Ja
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B + W XS-Pro Digital Graufilter Vario MRC nano 62
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