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Cokin Polarizer Cir P164

Cokin Polarizer Cir P164
currently not available
Polarizing filters for filter holder of the P-series

Designed particularly for reflex Autofocus cameras, the COKIN Circular Polarizer Filter Creates effects identical to the Linear Polarizer.
Less reflections for more colors! The COKIN Circular Filters give ideal saturation to your colors, improve contrast and give the sky a characteristic dark blue tint. So thesis are high-quality neutral density filters, absorbing up to two stops. The COKIN Circular filter is surrounded by a notched ring, and fits into the first groove of the COKIN Filter Holder; in this way it can rotate freely. DEPENDING ON its position, it Reduces or Eliminates the light reflected from water, glass, painted or lacquered surfaces, stone, and any other reflecting surface except metallic surfaces and mirrors ... By checking your framing through the viewfinder, and by turning the filter , you will better understand the merits of a photograph free from unwanted reflections. The sky Becomes bluer, de backgrounds clearer, shop windows more transparent and objects stand out even more from Their surroundings.

diameter: 48 - 82 mm
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filter thread: 48 - 82 mm
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Cokin Polarizer Cir P164
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