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This high-ZEISS tele lens is perfectly suited due to its high opening and the harmonious Bokehs for portrait photography
ZEISS Apo Sonnar T * 135mm F2.0 Canon

ZEISS Apo Sonnar T * 135mm F2.0...

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ZEISS Apo Sonnar T * 135mm F2.0 Canon

ZEISS Apo Sonnar T * 135mm F2.0 Canon
currently not available
This high-ZEISS tele lens is perfectly suited due to its high opening and the harmonious Bokehs for portrait photography

The Zeiss telephoto lens plays the evocative moment of dusk from a distance to be experienced. The Zeiss lens enables an unparalleled interplay of soft evening light and bright colors.
Versatile, for use in different situations can hold detail exactly with this telephoto lens also from the third row emotions of an artist on stage or stunning portraits.

The massive full metal version ensures consistent functionality and image quality, no matter how many images have been captured. Manual focusing promotes creativity for the individual design of the resulting image.


As apochromatic the chromatic aberrations (longitudinal chromatic aberration) are corrected by lenses of special glasses with anomalous partial dispersion in the lens. Therefore, the chromatic aberrations are well below defined limits. Chiaroscuro transitions in the picture and in particular highlights are largely free play of colored artifacts.

Impressive shots in low light conditions start with a high-aperture lens for the system or SLR camera. For a high-performance lens captures as much light as possible. And a lens with a large maximum aperture offers in low light conditions the best photographic results.

Close focusing distance
The a 135mm unusually short focusing distance of only 80 cm allows a frame-filling image from smaller details - ideal for exciting excerpts in portrait photography.

Excellent resolution and high contrast
Rich, vibrant colors are a must to create a lasting impression. However, stray light in the lens leads to a lightening of the image, which then becomes particularly noticeable in the shadow areas. The image contrast decreases - the recording looks low contrast and bleached. Therefore ZEISS brings together various specially developed technologies that reduce unwanted stray light.

Ideal aperture with nine blades
Photographers want to lead the viewer through the image. As a design element, a shallow depth of field is often used specifically. Thus, the background is deliberately blurred in order to reduce the deflection of the viewer from the main subject. These various manifestations of the focus areas and the quality of the transition is called Bokeh a lens. The finely tuned properties of the optical design of the ZEISS SLR lenses provide a particularly harmonious effect of the focus areas of the image. Decisive for a pleasing rendition of highlights in the foreground or background are the nine diaphragm blades and a resulting almost circular aperture of ZEISS SLR lenses.
highest focal length: 135 mm
sensor format: Vollformat
apochromat: vorhanden
focal length digital: 135 mm (digital)
focal length digital 35: 135 mm (KB)
lowest focal length: 135 mm
closest focusing distance: 80 cm
diameter: 84 mm
overall length: 108 mm
weight: 930 g
more data
External dimensions: 108 x 84
filter thread: 77 mm
number of diaphragm blades: 9
Lens construction: 11 Linsen in 8 Gruppen
raw file format: Gegenlichtblende
Frontdeckel, Rückdeckel, Metall-Streulichtblende
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ZEISS Apo Sonnar T * 135mm F2.0 Canon
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