Dangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cm

Dangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cmDangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cmDangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cmDangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cmDangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cmDangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cmDangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cm
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The Dangbei ceiling mount offers versatile compatibility with its standard 1/4" screw for projectors and various devices. Product images show optional accessories and application examples .



Dangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cm


extendable height of the Dangbei Ceiling Mount ranges from 10-40 cm with aluminum alloy rods. Enjoy a ±12° adjustable universal joint that ensures the optimal angle. With a sturdy 5 kg structure and a thickened base plate, it promises easy installation and neat cable management


Versatile compatibility

With a standard 1/4" screw, the ceiling mount is compatible not only with Dangbei projectors, but also with various projectors, cameras, lights and more


Adjustable height

With 1+1 aluminum alloy rods, the height can be adjusted between 10-40cm to meet all needs


±12° Adjustable Gimbal

The ceiling mount can be adjusted by 12° to provide the best angle for mounting your equipment.

Stable & Durable

The ceiling mount weighs 5 kg and features high quality aluminum alloy rods and a thickened base plate


Easy Installation

Easy to install with the included accessories. Designed with cable holes for cable routing, for a neat appearance

Height100-400 mm
Weight (incl. battery and memory card)5000 g
Other features
Interesting±12° adjustable universal joint

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Dangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cm

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  • Dangbei Ceiling Mount 10-40 cm

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