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Foto Erhardt - Expertise rather than experiments 
We make our best efforts to answer all requests with 24 hours.

Prior to contacting us in writing with a question, please check the features of our site.

the statements in the online shop for product and price information

and please bear in mind the following 

Price requests for products that are listed in the shop cannot be answered for reasons of time

it is not possible to make individual quotations for the supply of volumes deemed to be of a "general household nature"

we unfortunately cannot make binding despatch statements about products that are marked "available with effect from..." in the shop

our general terms and conditions of business can be easily printed out or downloaded and cannot therefore be sent by email

please download the PDF files and brochures in the product area - we are unable to provide printed brochures

we are unfortunately unable to send you a catalog that is updated daily

we exclusively supply original goods from the German representatives of the manufacturers


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