Foto Erhardt Full Protection

Security and protection for your valuable photo equipment

Be it camera, lenses or binoculars: Protect your photo equipment appropriately. Our recommendation: the Foto Erhardt full protection
With the Foto Erhardt Full Protection you can have your photo equipment insured against damage or destruction caused by everyday use, such as operating errors, falls and breakage. This special insurance covers claims more customised to your individual needs than your household insurance.

What does the full protection cover?

All analogue and digital cameras, camcorders, lenses, printers, beamers, telescopes, spotting scopes, flashes and binoculars (new or second-hand).

Your equipment is protected against the following property damages ( including those occurring during travel), e.g.:

  • Operating errors, clumsiness or malicious intent of third parties, unforeseeable events
  • Damage caused by falls, impacts and liquids that are not covered by the warranty for material or manufacturing defects
  • Defects in design, material or workmanship occurring in the 3rd year after purchase
  • Short-circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Burglary, robbery, vandalism, malicious intent
  • Storm, hail, frost
  • Theft from a motor vehicle (provided the vehicle is locked and the device is not visible from the outside)
  • Administration of all damage claims proceedings
  • Coverage of the repair costs
  • No advance payment of repair costs
  • 3 years as-new value compensation
  • No deductible for newly purchased goods
  • 50,- € for second hand goods
  • In case of total loss: Replacement with a product of the same type and functionality
  • Comprehensive protection far beyond the legal warranty
  • No subscription, no termination of the contract required
  • Immediate protection
  • No premium increase
  • No permanent payments

By paying a one-off premium, depending on the purchase price of the equipment, to be paid immediately upon purchase of your new equipment. The contract expires automatically after 3 years without the need for termination. The Foto Erhardt full protection is effective immediately.

Keep the receipt and the insurance policy received with the purchase at hand. Call the Foto Erhardt Full Protection Hotline. We will take care of everything else.

 Unit priceTotal contribution*
up to100,00 €39,00 €
up to200,00 €49,00 €
up to350,00 €69,00 €
up to500,00 €99,00 €
up to750,00 €109,00 €
up to1000,00 €129,00 €
up to1500,00 €189,00 €
up to2000,00 €239.00 €
up to2500,00 €299,00 €
up to3000,00 €359,00 €
up to4000.00 €429.00 €
up to5000,00 €479.00 €
Increased unit prices possible | * One-off premium for 3 years | Incl. 19% insurance tax | For second-hand units an excess of € 50.00 per damage claim applies.

Interested? Then we will gladly advise you on our Foto Erhardt full protection. Simply call our customer hotline at 0180/3023456 (landline 9 ct/min., max. 42 ct/min.) or send an e-mail to Our colleagues in the retail shops will also be happy to advise you on the benefits of Foto Erhardt's full protection.

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