Taking back used rechargeable batteries and batteries

Our take-back obligation as a dealer:
As a dealer, we are legally obliged to take back batteries and rechargeable batteries free of charge. Please accept this offer and help to keep our environment clean.

Your obligation to return as a consumer:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste. Since 1998, the Battery Ordinance has obliged all citizens to dispose of used batteries and rechargeable batteries exclusively via the trade or the collection points set up specifically for this purpose. If you would like to return your batteries and rechargeable batteries to us, please make sure that the shipment is sufficiently stamped.

Batteries are marked with the sign "Not for household waste" and one of the chemical symbols.
  • Cd (=battery contains cadmium)
  • Hg (=battery contains mercury)
  • Pb (=battery contains lead)

Old electrical appliances do not belong in household waste

. Old electrical appliances must not be disposed of in household waste. The regulation applies to all electronic and electrical appliances, from electric toothbrushes to home tanning beds, from washing machines to digital cameras, no matter how old. Illuminants, fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps are also included.

The appliances are taken back free of charge by cities and municipalities. The equipment is taken back at collection points or even offered for collection. As a rule, existing collection systems (e.g. recycling centres, bulky waste collection) are used.

Return of packaging

Packaging becomes the property of the customer. Packaging that does not bear the mark of a nationwide disposal system (such as the Green Dot of Duales System Deutschland AG) can be returned by consumers to the address below. We will then ensure the reuse or disposal of the packaging in accordance with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance.

Foto Erhardt GmbH
Gartenkamp 101
49492 Westerkappeln


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