Sachtler System ACE M MS

Sachtler System ACE M MSSachtler System ACE M MSSachtler System ACE M MSSachtler System ACE M MSSachtler System ACE M MSSachtler System ACE M MSSachtler System ACE M MS
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High quality tripod set with center spreader & bag. Especially well suited for DV camcorders and DSLR cameras up to 4 kg.



  • New patented SA-drag™ damping for smooth pans
  • Long sliding range of the camera plate
  • Parking position for spare camera screws
  • Fluid head made of fiberglass-reinforced composite material
  • Scale on camera platform
  • Multiple counterbalance levels for precise balancing



Sachtler System ACE M MS

Sachtler is a world leader in professional camera support systems for film and television production. For decades, the brand has stood for top quality and reliability.

Now independent videographers can enjoy true broadcast feel with the Sachtler Ace tripod systems.

The entry-level Ace M MS system, with a 0 - 4 kg payload range, 5-step weight compensation and patented SA-drag™ damping, is ideally tuned for use with small HDV and video-capable DSLR cameras. In addition to a first-class price/performance ratio, the system with tripod made of aluminum is characterized by the 5-stage weight compensation, which makes quick balancing of the camera setup particularly easy. For filming on uneven ground, the Ace M MS tripod system, equipped with a center spreader, is a superior companion.

Who likes it complicated? With the Ace systems, you'll find all the controls where you want them. Because working ergonomically and intuitively sometimes gives you the edge. The Sachtler Ace systems are lightweight and easy to transport - thanks to the 75mm heads, which are made of a lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The Ace L tripod systems with carbon fiber tripods even weigh just over 4 kilograms!

The Ace fluid heads are like all Sachtler fluid heads: they were developed and built with great care and attention to detail. Thereby they stand for the important characteristics of Sachtler products: Quality and Reliability. You can rely on Sachtler Ace tripod systems because they are the best in their class and stand for an outstanding broadcast feeling at an excellent price. They are the ideal camera support for any filmmaker who appreciates lightweight, compact equipment but doesn't want to compromise.

  • Ideal for lightweight HDV camcorders and DSLR cameras.
  • New patented SA-drag™ damping (Synchronised Actuated Drag).
  • Easy handling - ergonomic and intuitive
TypeTripod with head
with head
MaterialTripod: aluminum, head: glass fiber reinforced plastic
Max. tripod load20 kg
Max. head load4 kg
Pack size85 cm
Other features
other functionsHeight range with center spreader: 78 - 169 cm, height range with bottom spreader: 57 - 173 cm

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Sachtler System ACE M MS

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  • ACE fluid head (M)
  • ACE center spreader (MS)
  • ACE tripod (75/2 D)
  • ACE bag (9114)
  • ACE swivel arm
  • ACE camera plate (incl. 1/4 inch screw & pin)
  • spare camera screws (1/4 inch and 3/8 inch - located in camera plate).

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