Night Vision Devices

Night vision devices allow you to discover the secrets of the night in the dark. With the help of a night vision device, you can mostly discover details that remain completely hidden in the darkness with the naked eye.
A night vision device allows you to view objects in complete darkness. This can also be quite helpful in wildlife and nature observation. Basically, a distinction is made between night vision devices with switchable infrared illuminators and night vision devices with pure residual light amplifiers. Night vision devices with IR emitters are mainly used for observation in absolute darkness, even when there is no residual light at all. The pure residual light amplifiers use and amplify the weak light that is still present, for example city, star or moonlight. In this way, they produce an image that is sufficiently bright for the human eye.
A night vision device is available both as a binocular variant (these look like normal binoculars) or in a monocular design. With a binocular model, both eyes can be used, so that distances can also be reliably estimated. The monocular models have only one beam path and are therefore much narrower and more compact. Both variants are comfortable to wear and there are even some that have a head mount so you can use them hands-free.

Update 18.05.2024.
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