Canon Binoculars

Canon binoculars use the same high-quality lens technology found in Canon's high-end cameras. Canon binoculars are a successful combination of outstanding image sharpness, innovative image stabilisation - for a steady image even without a tripod - and robust design.

For different purposes

Canon binoculars are available in different magnification factors and varying degrees of weather protection. At the same time, the models are offered in variable sizes, so that you can also find what you are looking for in a compact pair of binoculars in the Canon range. The specimens are suitable for a wide range of applications, as the optics and construction of each pair of binoculars are of excellent quality. A particular advantage of Canon's models is the optical image stabiliser, which easily compensates for unwanted movements and thus enables you to observe perfectly.

Birdwatching binoculars

One of the areas of application is birdwatching, known as ornithology in technical jargon. If you only want to observe nature and a few birds from time to time, binoculars with eight or ten times magnification are suitable. These are particularly handy, so that you will have a lot of pleasure even over a longer period of time. At the same time, they have a wider field of view, which makes it easier for you to follow the animals and take in more of the surroundings. For smaller birds, binoculars with at least 12x magnification are more suitable, and 14x or 18x magnification is also possible with some specimens.

Since some birds can only be seen at dusk, a fast model with premium optics is best suited for this purpose, offering a brighter field of view even in low light. Thanks to the image stabiliser, you can observe the animals comfortably even when you are in motion.

On and near the water

Vibrations and movements are compensated for quickly and precisely by the binoculars, so that you have everything exactly in view even on a moving boat. This means you can comfortably follow more distant subjects and see them in perfect colour quality with excellent contrast. This is possible thanks to Canon's precision optics, which include "Porro II prisms" and "Super Spectre" coating. Canon offers products with special degrees of weather resistance for this application, from all-weather models to waterproof specimens that can withstand immersion in one metre of water for up to five minutes without damage.

Binoculars for sporting and racing events

In addition to the aforementioned image stabilisation features and wide field of view, comfort is particularly paramount for use at such events. The balanced design, combined with the easy handling, allows even long-term use of the binoculars.

If you wear glasses, you will be particularly interested in the feature that you can simply fold the large eyecups back. At the same time, a dioptre correction adjusts the optics to your eyesight. If you are not using the binoculars, a carrying case and a carrying strap allow you to store them safely. For indoor events, a model with eight times magnification is sufficient, while binoculars with 12 times magnification are ideal for outdoor events. You have a choice of several models, some of which weigh just under 500 grams, so they won't be a burden even at long events.

Watch the stars

If the image stabiliser is not enough for stargazing, you can simply mount the binoculars on a suitable tripod and look up at the night sky in peace. With 18x or 15x magnification, you can even see planets and distant stars, as long as you choose binoculars that are also fast enough to give you a brighter image. In addition to the features already mentioned in the other uses, weather protection is also very important when observing outdoors, thanks to which you can use the binoculars with their robust construction even in storms or rain without worrying.

Update 18.05.2024.
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