Adhesive Albums

These memories stay sticky

Sticky photo albums are very similar to ordinary photo albums, but they differ in one crucial aspect: they are self-adhesive. There is a film over each page inside the album. You can peel this off and stick your pictures in so easily. You can also add texts and decorations to the pages. Afterwards, you simply fold the foil back again. This way you have preserved your pictures permanently. The huge advantage is that you don't need any additional materials: no glue, no photo corners. The album alone is enough to glue in your precious memories. Accurate and clean, your pictures are now stored in your album, protected from dust and the effects of light.

Our adhesive albums are available in different sizes and page colours. Think about which paper colour best suits your pictures and the event you want to design your photo album for. Choose from the different covers and designs. You will find the right product for every occasion. If you would like one in a gift box, we also have many models on offer. You can also get additional sheets from us if you want to make your own ring album. There are no limits to your imagination.

Growing up in a photo collage

Your little treasure has been born and now you naturally want to document your baby's development with photos. Especially during babyhood, there are moments every day that you want to capture in a picture. Start with photos right after birth and document the date and time of birth, weight, height, eye colour. Later, the first smile, the first steps and so page by page the development of your offspring. You will find our albums with many child-friendly motifs and in all colours. Whether girl or boy, you will find the right model. Of course, you can also buy individual adhesive pages and make your own album. Simply make the cover yourself and staple page after page to it. Glue in appliqués and embellishments. This way you get a first-class copy.

Fitting for every occasion

Can you imagine what a great photo album you can create from that wonderful day with an adhesive album? Your child will be proud to see how smartly dressed they were on the day and you'll have a wonderful gift for grandparents and godparents too. Choose the right album for the little one to be baptised from our range in the shop. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

You will also find plenty of adhesive albums in our shop for your very special wedding day. Choose the album that best suits the event. Colour-coordinate your album with the bridal bouquet, table decorations and invitation cards. Design your own albums and pass on the resulting work of art as a gift to your wedding guests.

Whether wedding anniversaries, everyday adventures, holidays or birthdays, whether documentations of school days, the great youth years, the undertakings with the buddies - each of us takes many photos in life. Don't let them sit unnoticed on your PC's hard drive, take the time to create photo albums. You will find the right item in our online shop. You will be proud to see a number of beautiful albums documenting your life on your photo shelf. Well-ordered, quickly at hand and designed with love. Enjoy browsing through them with family and friends or alone on a quiet evening and reminisce. We would be happy to help you do so.

Update 26.09.2023.
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