Children's frames

Picture frames for children

The growing up of one's own children and grandchildren must and is documented by almost all parents and grandparents. Many love to "immortalise" and frame the little ones' first drawings and photos. There are no limits to the imagination.

You will immediately find what you are looking for in our wide range of offers. The assortment does not end with ordinary picture frames, but a wide variety of combinations are available for individual decoration. For example, there are gallery frames that can accommodate several separate photos in one frame. Here, it is a good idea to purchase a gallery frame with twelve individual fields and insert a photo of your child every month. In this way, the first years of the offspring in particular can be captured very well.

Special designs

Picture frames for children can also be brought in with regard to the baby or communion photos. Separate picture frames can be purchased for each stage in the child's life, preserving the photographs everlastingly. Babies are often photographed with their droll attempts at walking or eating. You can keep these situations as a lasting memory with especially colourful and funny picture frames. In this category, you may well find specimens that match your furnishings, and the children's photos will stand out even more. The idea makes sense to purchase frames with art glass, especially if there are children in the house.

For the aforementioned communion or confirmation, where it is well known that an endless number of photos are taken, it makes sense to store the photos in a photo album and frame the most beautiful ones. For this festive occasion, too, you will find a wide range of suitable items in our assortment. And if there are too many beautiful photos and they all don't fit in your home, you can also give framed mementos to friends or relatives who were present at the celebration. The same applies to the occasion of the christening. Your son or daughter will most likely not remember this moment, but it is still worth capturing.

Manufacturing material and motifs

The frames are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. Loosely based on the guiding principle; it must be robust and stable. If the object should appeal directly to children, it should be colourful. Beautiful prints complete the framing of the children's pictures perfectly. Picture frames in heart, star or oval shape are original and really fit into any ambience. Gallery frames are ideal for smaller children, because especially in the first years, children change so quickly; you don't just want to photograph these stages of life, but also keep, display and look at the photos. Grandparents are certainly also happy to have framed photos of their grandchildren.

Self-painted frames

Another idea is to decorate or even paint the frame. This works particularly well with wooden frames. If creativity fails you in the short term, you can find painting templates on the Internet that only need to be coloured in with a felt-tip pen or similar painting material. This way, each frame becomes an absolutely unique piece that you can remember for a long time.

For any occasion

On any festive occasion, it is always a good idea to give photos as gifts that everyone will forever associate with personal memories. Birthdays, weddings, communions, christenings - the list of suitable options is long. Your children will certainly appreciate the fact that you took the trouble to capture the greatest moments in the past, when they were young, to show them to them years later. We wish you a lot of fun, a good success and a lot of joy with your most important memories.

Update 26.09.2023.
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