Rode Wireless GO II Single

Rode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II SingleRode Wireless GO II Single
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As Set (2)

As Set (2)

Rode Wireless GO II Single

Ultra-compact, all-in-one wireless microphone system for any content creator on the go. Toll-free and registration-free.



  • Ultra-compact, easy to use
  • Toll-free and registration-free 2.4 GHz band
  • Analog 3.5mm TRS output for cameras, switchable level adjustment
  • Digital USB-C output for Mac/PC, smartphone*, iPhone*
  • TX terminal transmitter with integrated microphone (spherical capsule)
  • 3.5 mm TRS jack for external microphone
  • 40 hours of onboard recording possible in the transmitter module
  • Range: 200 m (free line of sight)
  • 2-channel receiver RX for clip-on or flash shoe mounting
  • Safety channel mode (-20 dB) can be activated
  • Power supply: internal LiPo battery (TX and RX)
  • Battery capacity: up to 7 hours, charging via USB-C jack
  • Compatible with RØDE Connect and RØDE Central (free software/app).
    *For Android and iOS devices optional cable required.




Rode Wireless GO II Single

Ultra-compact complete system for all content creators who travel alone. The Wireless GO II SINGLE consists of a transmitter and a receiver module. The transmitting module already contains a microphone that is optimally tuned for voice transmission. The receiver module has an analog 3.5 mm TRS output for cameras and a digital USB-C output for Mac/PC, smartphone and iPhone.

The operation is very simple. To operate, all you have to do is turn on the two modules and they will connect automatically. Signal quality is at its finest, both analog and digital: crystal clear and ready to transmit immediately. The transmitter and receiver have an internal battery that lasts for at least four hours. The Wireless GO II system has a range of 200 (!) meters with a clear line of sight. Included are a short 3.5mm TRS cable, 2 fur windshields, two USB-C to USB-A cables, and a neoprene carrying case.

The TX transmitter module
The 4x4 cm small transmitter module has a clip on the back, with which it can be conveniently attached to clothing - preferably to the collar or lapel. In case the module is too conspicuous in the picture, you can use the 3.5 mm TRS jack on the side and connect an external microphone there, for example the Lavalier GO. If you want, you can also record the audio signal directly in the transmitter module itself as a backup. For this onboard recording function, the module has a memory chip that is sufficient for over 40 hours of audio. For undisturbed outdoor recordings, you should always use the included fur windshield. It can be conveniently attached to the transmitter module with its bayonet catch.

The RX receiver module
The receiver module can be easily attached to the hot shoe of the camera. The module is then connected to the camera's microphone input via the supplied TRS cable. Using a suitable USB cable, you can also output the signal digitally to a computer or an Android or iOS device. For the latter, the RØDE SC15 or SC16 cables are suitable. The two buttons on the front can be used to select the output mode, mute the transmitter module, and reduce the output level by a flat 12 dB or 24 dB. The LC display shows the output mode, level and charge status of the receiver and transmitter. If required, you can also activate the safety mode in the receiver module, whereby the signal is output both at full level (TRS peak) and reduced by 20 dB (TRS ring). If an unexpectedly loud sound source on the main track distorts audibly, you can simply switch back to the quieter, undistorted safety track during post-processing.

Compatible with RØDE Central and RØDE Connect
Free RØDE Central software can be used to perform firmware updates, feature enhancements and special settings on the Wireless GO II SINGLE. RØDE Connect is an amazing and very easy to use podcast/streaming software and also free.

Power Supply
Battery lifeup to 7 hours
battery typeinternal LiPo battery (both TX and RX)
Dimensionseach 46 x 44 x 19 mm
Weight (incl. battery and memory card)32 g
Other features
other functionsTransmission 2.4 GHz band, range up to 200 m (free line of sight), limiting sound pressure level 100 dB SPL (1 kHz @ 1 m), transmission range 50 Hz - 20 KHz


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23 customers found this review helpful

Endlich habe ich das Mikrofon.

Endlich habe ich das Mikrofon.

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There are no negative reviews

Bewertung von Trusted Shops wrote on 21/09/2023 :

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, well packaged!!!!

Schnelle Lieferung

Schnelle Lieferung, gut verpackt!!!!

1 customers found this review helpful
Review is helpful
Andreas B. wrote on 16/08/2023 :

Very good

The service: ordered, paid and only a few days despite holiday in the mailbox . Very fast and good processing. Even a telephone query on my part was quickly answered 100 percent.Great service.About the product.Unpacked connected to the Gopro 5 with the original adapter from Gopro. Connected directly without any obstacles.Also on the normal cam without propleme.Except turn on you do not need to do anything .The quality of the microphones and also the additional microphone directly accepted. Very good quality.

Sehr gut

Der Service: bestellt, bezahlt und nur wenige Tage trotz Feiertag im Briefkasten . Sehr schnelle und gute Abwicklung. Auch eine telefonische Rückfrage meinerseits wurde schnell zu 100 Prozent beantwortet.
Toller Service.
Zum Produkt.
Ausgepackt angeschlossen an der Gopro 5 mit dem original Adapter von Gopro. Direkt verbunden ohne Hindernisse.

Auch an der normalen cam ohne propleme.
Ausser einschalten braucht man nichts tun .

Die Qualität der Mikrofone und auch des zusätzlichen Microfons direkt angenommen. Sehr gute Qualität.

10 customers found this review helpful
Review is helpful
Bewertung von Trusted Shops wrote on 25/06/2023 :

Very positive contact,super product

Very positive contact,super product

Sehr positiver Kontakt,super Produkt

Sehr positiver Kontakt,super Produkt

11 customers found this review helpful
Review is helpful
Bewertung von Trusted Shops wrote on 06/03/2023 :


Perfect. Does what it should


Perfekt. Macht das, was es soll

19 customers found this review helpful
Review is helpful
Bewertung von Trusted Shops wrote on 19/01/2023 :

Endlich habe ich das Mikrofon.

Endlich habe ich das Mikrofon.

23 customers found this review helpful
Review is helpful
Bewertung von Trusted Shops wrote on 13/01/2023 :

Die Aufnahmequalität ist hervorragend - Betrieb unter Linux mit Anpassung von Soundsystem prima

Die Aufnahmequalität ist hervorragend. Die Funkbrücke funktioniert wie erwartet. Um die Funkbrücke unter Linux mit USB zu nutzen, muss man die Sample Rate/Bit Tiefe etc. in Pulseaudio anpassen - ansonsten kommt nur Rauschen und Verzerrung. Das hat eine Weile gedauert, bis ich es herausgefunden hatte. Seither alles top.

19 customers found this review helpful
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Rode Wireless GO II Single

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  • Rode Wireless GO II Single (Transmitting Module TX + Receiving Module RX)
  • 3.5mm TRS Connector Cable SC5
  • 2x USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • 2x Fur Windscreen
  • Neoprene Carrying Case.

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